Our Principles

  1. The Lighthouse Children’s Hospice is a charity which runs on donations from thousands of people. Our supporters allow us to do as much as possible for the child without being limited by government rules and regulations. We firmly believe that just because someone can’t be cured, doesn’t mean they can’t be helped.

  1. We called ourselves The Lighthouse because having an incurably ill child in the family is like being in a storm. The lighthouse sends out a signal that there are people in the world who will help you through the pain, be your friend, play with the children, and celebrate every day.

  1. We have doctors and nannies, psychologists and play therapists, volunteers and nurses, priests, administrators and physiotherapists all working for the Lighthouse, and they are all equally important. That’s what makes us different to a hospital: we don’t cure illnesses, but we help people cope with what they mean.

  1. We believe that hospitals aren’t for living in, and that beds are just for sleeping in. Incurably ill children have the same rights as healthy children, and our mission is to support families so they can carry on living normal lives — meeting with friends, going to work, sleeping at home, taking the kids to school, and going on summer holidays.

  1. When a child is sick, the whole family is sick. We care just as much about the problems faced by brothers and sisters, mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas, as we do about our patients. No matter how many families we have under our care, every single one is unique, important, and special to us.

  1. We don’t know how much more time there will be, so we never put anything off until tomorrow. And we really love making dreams comes true.

  1. Children deserve to be told the truth by the adults around them. If a child wants to know the truth, we have people at the Lighthouse who know how to talk about illness and death honestly. Lying undermines and damages relationships.

  1. Children shouldn’t die alone, in resus, scared and in pain. However hard it is to think about, it’s important for parents and specialists to talk early on and put plans in place for the worst case scenario. At the Lighthouse we hope for the best, but we must plan for the worst.

  1. Our staff are unable to accept money or gifts. The services we provide are free, and every family should have the same rights to them.

  1. We believe that children give us far more than we can ever give them.

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